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Easy Being Cheesy!

Gorilla Cheese NYC

Gorilla Cheese NYC is joining the NYC food truck revolution, taking comfort food and home cooking to a new level. Keep an eye out for us on the streets of NYC in the coming weeks and stop and say hi. We use fresh local breads, tasty diverse cheeses......the finest of everything - always made with lots of love. Relive the after-school grilled cheese your mom used to make with our "GCNYC1 CLASSIC" (American on buttery white bread).

Push the culinary envelope and try our "BROOKLYN SPECIAL" (Fresh Asiago w/Prosciutto de Parma on inside out Panini w/ aioli).

Don't forget our tasty sides such as our crispy Tater Tots, Killer Mac & Cheese, Cup of Tomato Soup & Mac & Cheese Bites.

No meal is complete w/o the "Big S" smores desert on homemade graham cracker bread, it's YUM. Follow us on Twitter: gcnyc1 - Track our progress, find our truck and join us for a meal on a street near you. It's Easy Being Cheesy - GCNYC1




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